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Neverwinter fortress siege PVP mode Active

In a rare moment, Arthas had spoken of his feelings to Uther. The intimidating paladin, who, since Arthas was old enough to remember, had been the very image of rock- solid steadfastness to the Light, had startled the prince with his reply. Fortress siege PVP mode Neverwinter is now live and ready large-scale examples of […]

Capcom’s Dragon’s dogma online to achieve more stringent IP block

It was one of the biggest celebrations Stormwind had ever seen. In addition to Terenas, many other kings, nobility, and famous personages were in attendance, riding like a parade through the city’s white cobbled streets to the massive Cathedral of Light, damaged during the First War but now restored and even more glorious than before. […]

Fifty playful: MARVEL HEROES unlock 50TH PLAYABLE heroes, war machine

Gazillion tightening their latest playable character for Marvel last few bolts heroes, war machine, and now doing half one hundred hero for players to choose. Far iron human cloning – and his trailer, he’s heard of – war machine less refined than his red-and-gold opponents, preferring brute force Tony Stark’s more beautiful crackdown. The latest […]

Rumor: Guild Wars 2 GOING FREE-TO-PLAY

That alone was not cause for alarm. From the time arakkoa were hatchlings, they learned about Terokk. But the manner of her research, the elusiveness and secretive nature, was odd. Viryx seemed to avoid contact with other arakkoa whenever possible, emerging only late at night. As you can see above, IGN tweeted out, and then […]

World of Warcraft’s creator wants to see eSports at the Olympics

Lead designer on World of Warcraft and former chief creative officer of Blizzard Rob Pardo has said that he thinks eSports should be part of the Olympics. He says that sport is becoming more broadly defined and “there’s a very good argument for e-sports being in the Olympics.” Pardo told the BBC that “Video games […]

World of Warcraft’s WoW Token will release soon, prices will flux depending on market forces

Blizzard recently announced the WoW Token; a tradable in-game item that can be redeemed for 30 days worth of game time. It essentially allows players to pay for their WoW subscription using gold made in-game, much like the PLEX system in EVE Online. WoW Tokens are due to make their way into the game very […]